THOR - Conquering Tide Trotting Drafter

Thor - Trotting Drafting Horse

Named after the Norse "God of Thunder", Thor is energetic, physically strong and a bit of a joker. You can certainly count on him to make a clever and witty remark. He can make any situation seem fun. He likes nothing better than having fun, oh and racing! He's mischievous, and has a keen sense of adventure. He loves to explore, which sometimes leads he and his friends into trouble. Thor can't sit still, he gets bored easily. His downfall is that he can sometimes be impatient, a little loud and is highly competitive. Apart from those little flaws, he's fun, fearless, and a loyal friend. He also has physical strength on his side, and certainly isn't afraid to speak his mind.

Thor is very close to Neptune, and unfortunately when he was younger he sometimes joined in when Neptune made fun of his half-brother Loki. However unlike Ariston and Venus, Thor isn't afraid to disagree with Neptune. He'll stand up against his friend if he thinks he's in the wrong. Even though Neptune is the son of their leader, Odin.

Thor is very strong minded, and doesn't become emotionally attached to those around him, he thinks it'll make him look weak. Deep deep down, he's afraid of being hurt or let down.

Other info: Thor is a Conquering Tide Trotting Drafting Horse designed for Cinnamon Mew Mew.

Available in Matte or Gloss Finish.

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