The Artists of Stone Horses

Meet the skilled artisans who bring our horses to life!

Julie Keim

Artist Number - #44

Julie has loved and collected model horses her whole life! Roy Rogers is her hero, and her mother says that her very first word was "horse."  When she had real horses, Julie used to show in timed events before discovering horse camping. She also loves dogs and has three of her own.

Julie enjoys being a part of the model horse hobby and attending live shows, competing at NAN, and has attended every BreyerFest. Thanks to the hobby, she has met many of her best friends -- Donna Fredley, Carrie Keller, and Dawn Quick. She was first introduced to customizing and painting models by Lisa Shepard; her Appaloosa paint jobs were Julie's inspiration to start painting her own.

In her free time, aside from showing models, Julie paints her own CM/AR horses for her show string, goes antique hunting, gardening, and collects many horse-shaped objects.

Julie has been painting at Stone Horses for 23 years.

Carrie Keller

Artist Number - #55

Carrie is from the area, having grown up in the next county over from Stone Horses. She's been horse crazy as long as she can remember! Carrie has had horses her whole life, showing 10 years with 4-H, open shows, and even going horse camping with her family almost every other weekend. After 4-H, she particiated in a few open Dressage shows.

Art has always been an important part of Carrie's life, too. She went to college for Art and has a degree in Graphic Design.

Carrie and her husband live on three acres along with her two horses - Ghost (a Spanish Norman) and Remi (a Thoroughbred.) They also have two dogs they like to take hiking with them at local parks. And she can't forget her fat orange cat, Happy!

Carrie has been painting with Stone Horses for around 19 years, enjoying her work on the Portrait Program and You Call It Program the most.

Dawn Quick

Artist Number - #66

Dawn has been painting with Stone Horses for the past 15 years.

Her hobbies include painting, knitting, crochet, and lots of crafts. She is well-known for her wonderful decorators and mural horses.

Ellen Robbins

Artist Number - #20

Ellen is our resident scientist, and enjoys driving us all crazy with random biology and physics trivia.

She has roots in Fort Wayne, but has visited over half of the states in the US (and several Canadian provinces, too.) Her favorite places are Arches NP and Smoky Mountains NP. 

At home, she'll try her hand at most anything-- costuming, leatherwork, cooking, writing, photography, and hiking with her rambunctious shelter dog among her top picks. 

She likes all animals, katydids to kaiju, but her favorites are foxes, dragons, and (of course) horses.

Angela Marleau

Artist Number - #21

Angela is a talented artist that has joined us from Southeast Michigan. 

Angela enjoys online gaming, digital art, antiquing, concerts, renfests, 3D model making and exploring new interests in her spare time. She enjoys time with family and friends and especially enjoys time with her pets Nico the naughty boy but adorably handsome lutino quaker parrot, Darcy her sweet Doberman and Sandie  her rambunctious and smiley Terrier mix. 

Angela is also an avid model horse collector and loves being in on the behind the scenes process of creating these wonderful pieces. 

Jess Hamill

Artist Number - #77

Jess was born and raised in Southwest Michigan, between farmland and forest, spending her whole life around animals. With her early years spent going through cancer treatments and homeschooling, her best friends were the neighborhood stray cats and her four siblings.

Now happily cancer-free, Jess has taken a break from her computer-science degree to pursue her dream which is, and always has been, art. The subject? Animals, of course!

Jess entered the model horse hobby world in Fall of 2020. She dove in head first and hasn't looked back since! Before working for Stone Horses, she had never used an airbrush, but her love of the hobby only fuels her drive to learn and grow her artistic talents.

Her hobbies include spending time with her seven dogs, learning about rare and different breeds, and studying color genetics (for artistic purposes!)

Jess also loves drawing multi-media and pastel pet portraits, as well as digital illustration, photography, antiquing, painting model horses, and playing video games with her online friends.

Andrea Thomason

Artist Number - #50

Andrea is a mother, a grandma, and great grandma who is very active in her church's prayer outreach program.

She has been with Stone Horses for 16 years, 6 years in the old factory and 10 years in our current building. A very skilled detail painter, Andrea views her job as a "blessing and delight." She also loves to create OOAK chips when she gets the opportunity.

Hannah Olson

Artist Number - #22

Hannah is one of our newest additions, having moved from Minnesota where she was born and raised. 

She loves collecting model horses, swimming, and caring for fish and other animals.

Ashley Palmer

Artist Number - #25

Ashley's hobbies include drawing (both digitally and traditionally,) writing, playing video games with online friends, cooking, and reading.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys cuddling and walking her Corgi, Milo, playing with her cockatiel, horseback riding, trying out new restaurants and foods, and watching movies and tv (especially crime dramas and mysteries.)

Yearly Events

  • SB - Stone Bowl
  • SHCF - Stone Horse Country Fair
  • EQ - Equilocity
  • AoTH - Art of the Horse
  • MM - Moonlight Madness
  • LHS - Little Horse Show
  • WH - Warehouse Sale

Traditional Molds

  • AM - Arabian Mare
  • AF - Arabian Foal
  • AR - Arabian Stallion
  • AN- Andalusian
  • FQH - Foundation Quarter Horse
  • HD - Heavy Draft Mare
  • ISH - Ideal Stock Horse
  • ID - Irish Draught
  • MU - Mule
  • MS - Morgan
  • PL - Palouse
  • PO - Pony
  • REM - Cantering Stock Horse
  • SB - Saddlebred
  • SD - Standing Drafter
  • SM - Spanish Mustang
  • TB - Thoroughbred
  • TD - Trotting Draft
  • TWH - Tennessee Walker
  • WE - Weanling
  • YE - Yearling

Tagging System

Pictured at the right is an example of how our models are tagged to allow ease of identification of factory finish models.

Artist Numbers are as follows:

  • 00 - Elaine Stone
  • 10 - D'arry Frank
  • 11 - Caroline Boydston
  • 12 - Melissa (Missy) Fox
  • 14 - Audrey Dixon
  • 15 - Jas Fanning
  • 16 - Tansley Henline
  • 18 - Amanda Hostetler
  • 19 - Emma Jezek
  • 20 - Ellen Robbins
  • 22 - Hannah Olson
  • 25 - Ashley Palmer
  • 33 - Al Katt
  • 37 - Maggie Jenner-Bennett
  • 42 - Kristen Cermele
  • 77 - Jess Hamill
  • 101 - Kayla Wesse

Pebble Molds

  • PBR - Rearing Mustang
  • PBAR - Arabian
  • PBWB - Warmblood
  • PBD - Draft
  • PBS - Saddlebred

Chip Molds

  • CHAR - Arabian
  • CHAN - Andalusian
  • CHCU - Cutting Horse
  • CHSD - Draft
  • CHFR - Friesian
  • CHFO - Foal
  • CHMO - Morgan
  • CHMU - Mule
  • CHPO - Pony
  • CHRC - Rearing Mustang
  • CMSH - Stock Horse
  • CHTB - Thoroughbred
  • CMWB - Warmblood