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      More than 28 years ago, Stone Horses was founded with a bold vision to create the highest quality, most creative, most detailed models on the market. And we have accomplished that, with thousands of beautiful models admired by collectors around the world. In fact, Stone Horses has accomplished so much more than that. What has unfolded is the creation of a remarkable community of individuals who are united by their love of Stone Horses. These individuals share a passion for creativity and beauty. We are proud of this community - a space filled with trust, joy and unforgettable friendships. Stone Horses has also nurtured a community of artists that create some of the most wonderful models that we cherish!

That said, Peter and Elaine Stone have been considering their next chapter - retirement - for quite some time. Serendipitously, they connected with long-time hobby member, Erin Corbett and her team at Volo Artem LLC to carry the torch forward for Stone Horses. Erin’s expertise and experience in this industry, combined with her dedication to customers, proved that she was the right choice to lead Stone Horses for the next 30 years and beyond. After thoughtful consideration, Stone Horses is announcing its sale to Volo Artem LLC, with Erin Corbett assuming the position of president and CEO of Stone Horses by Volo Artem.

Stone Horses by Volo Artem is deeply committed to maintaining the high standards that customers have come to expect, while exploring new customer programs that align with live horse shows, creative non-show connection platforms, and unforgettable customer experiences.

Stone Horses by Volo Artem will continue operations without interruption, maintaining the same factory and office employees, production methods and recognized artists. Volo Artem will also continue the same customer facing processes with products produced in the United States and shipped to thousands of customers around the world. Stone Horses’ customer events - Stone Horse County Fair and Equilocity 2024, among others - will also continue seamlessly. This transition presents a unique and important opportunity for Stone Horses to gather feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc. that will shape our future.

Please email us at - we would love to hear from you! Please join us in wishing Peter and Elaine a wonderful new chapter in retirement!