The Time Machine LE-30 Running Stock Horse in 2 Design Color Choices By Ellen Robbins Classic Literature Series 2023 CL23

Take a voyage through time at warp speed with the Time Machine LE-30 Running Stock Horse! Experience the magic of the bronze time machine or the quick blur of days to night repeating. Enjoy Ellen Robbins' groundbreaking Classic Literature Series 2023 CL23 in your choice of two design colors. Let's go!

The Time Machine 

He comes in your choice of colors:

“the invention” version: dappled sooty buckskin with minimal tobiano markings, representing the machine itself. (“…the little machine suddenly swung round, became indistinct, was seen as a ghost for a second perhaps, as an eddy of faintly glittering brass and ivory; and it was gone - vanished!”)

“tempus fugit” version: day-into-night ombré representing the rapid passage of time. (“Tomorrow night came black, then day again, night again, day again, faster and faster still.”)

Both are great choices for this classical piece and are customers choice! 

Comes with COA 

Eleventh in the Classic Literature Series for 2023!

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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