LOKI - Conquering Tide Thoroughbred Model Horse

Loki - Conquering Tide Thoroughbred Model Horse

Named after the Norse "God of Trickery", Loki is quiet and quite mysterious. He's an introvert, so he doesn't like to spend much time in the company of others. He's a loner with trust issues.

As a foal he wouldn't talk much, and would step down to the others. He was mocked for being Neptune's "half" brother, because they have the same father, the Celestial herd's current leader, Odin. But Loki's mother is unknown, and Odin refuses to discuss it. Odin favors Neptune, and is much closer and warmer to him, this becomes quite obvious.

Loki is cold and distant because of this, he won't talk about it, so he keeps all of his insecurity, neglect and anger bottled up inside him. This will take its toll on him later in the series, as he becomes more and more alienated, he begins to let his dark powers take over his mind.

Other info: Loki was designed for Cinnamon Mew Mew Conquering Tide Film Series.

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

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