Lazarus - Black Splash Remington - MM 2021

He bucked for all he was worth, the mighty black horse. No man could ride him; no man could tame him. But it was his last rodeo, and he knew it. The leg he'd shattered would force them to do it, and his hulking, proud form would be forever stilled. He closed his eyes, letting the final sleep take him...

With a start, he opened his eyes, finding himself knee-deep in a murky pool, swirling with shifting colors. In a moment of panic, he made to run, only to slip further down the slope, for a moment losing sight of even his rump in the shining liquid. Slowly, carefully, he worked his way out of the pit, and as the fluid sheeted off his body, he realized the pool had changed him, its splash mark forever scarred into his once-dark hide... as well as given him a newfound thirst for blood.

Calling himself LAZARUS, he now roams the darkness, untamed, in search of his next meal.

  • Long mane and tail Remington
  • Black Splash
  • Blacklight Reactive -- RED
  • Run of 30
  • Painted by Ellen Robbins

    This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

    Handmade Work of Art

    Proudly Made in the USA

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