Gulliver's Travels Grab Bag Chip - 30 pcs 10 Assorted Styles of Chips By Ellen Robbins Classic Literature Series 2024 CL24

Gulliver Travels Grab Bag 
One per account please! 

Gulliver's Chip friends are all from the island of Houghnhnms 

Master - Dapple Grey Andalusian Chip - 3 pcs
Majeh - Chestnut Stock Horse Chip - 3pcs
Hhuun - Sooty Buckskin Thoroughbred (Master's Friend) - 3 pcs
Hnloayn - Dark Bay Arabian - Represents the Counsil - 3 pcs
The Yahoos:
Hhnm - Red Dun Mustang 3 pcs
Wheeholm Yahoo - Dunskin Cutter 3 pcs
Ynlhmndwihlma Yahoo - Grulla Friesian 3pcs
Ynholmhmnrohlnw Yahoo - Bay Dun Mule - 3 pcs
Mini Gulliver - Silver Bay Morgan -3 pcs
Shining Stones - appaloosa Warmblood -3 pcs


Gulliver's Travels is First in the Classic Literature Series for 2024!

This listing is for the chips only - the traditional size Morgan is in a separate listing. 

This listing purchases one random chip from the 30 listed. 

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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