ARISTON - Conquering Tide Performance Horse

Ariston - Performance Model Horse

Ariston is very sweet, timid, shy, but very loving. He hasn't changed much since he was a foal. He spends most of his time with his best friend Venus, although, now that he's a young stallion, he's realized that he actually has very strong feelings for her...but of course he'll never admit to those feelings, he's far too nervous and shy.

Ariston believes in rules, and follows them to the letter. Regardless of how strongly he opposes, his friends will still drag him along on their adventures! He tends to not like surprises, he'd rather be completely prepared and have his whole day planned out, he wants to know what to expect.

He's also extremely honest, if an unbiased and completely truthful account of a story or event is needed, Ariston is the horse that all the herds rely on for the story.

Ariston can also be quite emotional. He gets very attached to objects, or certain horses, and being without them can sometimes leave him a little distressed. But at his very core he's a very strong horse. He would lay down his life, for those he loves, without question. He is truly altruistic.

Everybody loves Ariston, a sweet young stallion design for Cinnamon Mew Mew's Conquering Tide Series.

Other info: Ariston was named an Ancient Greek philosopher.

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

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