Alice In Wonderland CHESHIRE CAT Two Versions Grey or Pink 😍 By Jess Hamill Classic Literature 2023 CL23

Are you in the mood for a whimsical adventure? Well, shake things up with the Alice In Wonderland CHESHIRE CAT! Choose from two fun-filled versions: Grey or Pink! This Puuuufect feline horsey will bring a smile to your face and make any day better. 🤩

Classic Literature 2023
Alice In Wonderland 
Cheshire Cat 
Buyers Choice of Colors 

Pink is in done with mutedpearlescence pink.
Grey is done with black light activated blue in the dark stripes
Painted By Jess Hamill 

Both are done in a Marble Tabby Pattern 

This is the 8th release of the 2023 Classical Literature Series 


This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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