The Perfect Horse - Remy - Three Color Variation of the Running Stock Horse By Jess Hamill and Angela Marleau AoTH23

  • Introducing Remy, the perfect horse for any model collector! Whether you choose her Sun Burnt Black, Chestnut, or Amber Champagne coat color, you can be sure to gallop away with a great piece of art inspired by a beautiful poem. Add THE PERFECT HORSE to your herd today!

  • The Perfect Horse - Literature Category
    Original Piece by Lauri Barnwell
    Custom Tail
    Customized to a MARE 
    Three Color Variations:
    Sunburnt Black Mare By Angela Marleau
    Chestnut Mare By Jess Hamill 
    Amber Champagne Mare By Jess Hamill 

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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