Seconds Micro Pewter Stone Horses

Offering second quality micro minis cast by Maggie Bennett. These run the gamut from relatively clean to needing prep work and smoothing. Some have oxidation or discoloration, legs that need to be straightened, sprue or mold marks, metal flashing, and other small casting defects. Some don’t stand well, or at all. Due to their second quality they are offered at a discounted price of $35 each.

We also have a small batch of Remington micros that have extra-warped legs that need to be straightened, most of these have all four legs with some sort of misalignment and are therefore priced at $20 each.


Mule: 20 pieces

Jumper with Wall (no acrylic rod included): 48 pieces

Saddlebred: 23 pieces

Remington (2nd): 7 pieces

Pony: 7 pieces

Cutting Horse: 17 pieces

Arabian: 1 piece

Cob: 4 pieces

Heavy Draft: 27 pieces

Remington (3rd/floopy legs): 23 pieces

  • Lead-free pewter

  • Names of Available Bodies:
    Bean the Mule
    Donut the Pony
    Darley the Arab Stallion 
    Hope Springs Eternal the Jumper and Base
    Mac the Cutter
    Finn the Cob
    Tank the Draft 
    Roadster the Saddlebred
  • Ready to Ship 
  • All Sales Final 

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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