Frankie - Green-Purple Dun ISH - MM 2021

We were working in the studio late one night... when we decided to get a little crazy and sew a few ponies together to see what would happen!

Amidst the bubbling beakers and the swirling haze of airbrush mist, we saw our creation begin to move. With a groan of effort, the tiny horse pushed himself to his feet... and immediately slipped on the drops of thinner we'd carelessly left in the paint booth. He spent a long moment looking around and getting his bearings, then stood again-- wobbly, but stable.

Then little Frankie blinked up at us with those adoring eyes, and we knew our experiment was a complete success.

  • Roached mane ISH
  • Green-Purple Dun
  • Stitching
  • Run of 30
  • Painted by Ellen Robbins

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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