Fire Wyvern - DAH Special - Holographic Red Dragon April 2023


  • Holographic Red 
  • Dragon Wing Markings In Black
  • Black points
  • Dragon slit eyes

Available bodies are as follows:

  • Traditional Remington (Long) (PM023)
  • Traditional Trotting Drafter (No Bobs) (PM015)
  • Traditional Ideal Stock Horse S/L (PM160)
  • Traditional Palouse (PM130)
  • Rearing Pebbles (PM170)
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    Prices will vary according to size.

    PLEASE NOTE: This design will not offer additional finish options. Please see the photos. The Holographic paint has a shine finish. It also has minimal texture with the color pigments to offer the holographic effect in light. This paint does not work well with additional finish coats; however, it offers a beautiful completed look for the product. 

    This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

    Handmade Work of Art

    Proudly Made in the USA

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