DAH Special December - You Choose: Dun with Winter Design by Ellen Robbins and Some Bunny Special Design By Jess Hamill

Choose between our beautiful blue Dun With Winter design by Ellen Robbins or our adorable Some Bunny Special design by Jess Hamill in pretty pastels. With these two options, you'll be sure to feel warm fuzzies all season long. (Limited time offer, so hop to it!)

Available bodies are as follows:

  • Irish Draught (PM017 non custom)
  • Arabian Mare (PM1881 Custom Blowing Mane)
  • Morgan (PM109 non custom)
  • Irish Cob (PM024 non custom) (small additional fee applies for this body)
  • Andalusian (PM2008 Roached Mane and Straight Tail)
  • Heavy Draft/Bunny (PM013AST - Roached Mane with Andalusian Tail)
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