Wristband Distribution Details for Stone Store
Opening Night ~ Thursday, July 11th! 

At Stone Horses, we deeply appreciate your time. Our goal is for every customer to fully experience the events of the special model horse weekend in Kentucky in July. To prevent long waits in line and ensure no one misses out, we are introducing a wristband entry system for shopping the opening night of the Stone Store, Thursday, July 11th!

Wristbands are for Thursday/Opening Night Shopping Only. 

Important Details for Thursday Night Shopping:

Shopping hours are from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Wristbands are required only if you plan to arrive around the start time of shopping  once those with wristbands have entered, shopping will open to everyone.

Thursday's shopping will feature exclusively one-of-a-kind (OOAK) pieces. This year's event run pieces are inspired by the Art of the Horse finalists and will be unveiled and available for purchase starting Friday.

There is a limit of two OOAKs per account on Thursday, Opening Night.

Please note that there is no early entry or Loyalty Shopping for this event; all attendees have access to the same shopping hours.

How the Wristband System Works: 

Wristband distribution is scheduled for Thursday, July 11th, at the Marriott Griffin Gate Salon Area, between 12 noon and 4 pm.

Wristband entry times will be assigned through a random drawing, guaranteeing each customer an equal opportunity to be at the front of the line for shopping regardless of the time you are able to come for your wristband.

Customers will be admitted in groups for shopping.

To receive a wristband, customers must be present; wristbands will be attached to the customer's wrist at that time. One cannot pick up wristbands for others. Furthermore, it is not permitted to trade or exchange wristbands. 

Customers must have wristbands for entry. Those without a wristband may enter for shopping immediately following the entry of wristband holders.

Queueing/lining up for entry without a wristband is allowed from 7pm onwards, but not before.

The timeline for transitioning shoppers through the process will be set based on the response and group sizes within the wristband time slot divisions. While it may vary, we will strive to ensure the process is as efficient as possible.