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Stone Horse's Artisan Showcase 
& The Stone Horse  Sponsored Mojo Dojo Casa Horse Event

Thursday, July 11th and Friday, July 12th from 7-10pm Griffin Gate Marriott, Salon Area ~ Lexington, KY 

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Artist Showcase: Spotlight on Stone Artists

Featured Artists (in alphabetical order)

• Caroline Boydston of
White Horse Studios


• Jess Hamill of 
Lovecrest Artistry



• Emma Jezek of
Paint Pony Studios


• Renee Justiss 



• Julie Keim

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• Sheryl Leisure of
Leisure Art Studio


• Andrea Thomason 



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Discover more about the Mojo Dojo Casa Horse 2024 event scheduled for July 11th to the 12th, 2024. 

Mojo Dojo Casa Horse 2024

More about the artists of Stone Horse Artist Showcase: 

Caroline Boydston

Caroline has had a lifelong love and fascination for animals. She has been drawing and painting them for as long as she can remember. Her encounter with a dolphin, while on a boat as a child, sparked her passion for the creatures of the oceans. Her sculptures of marine life are a result of this passion. She is well known as an equine artist and has won many awards for her work. She continues to study animals, their beauty, anatomy and habits, so she can incorporate these details into her art. Her ability to capture a moment in the life of an animal, is one of the things that collectors of her work love the most. Caroline lives in Southern California with her family, her horse and her cats and she actively volunteers on a weekly basis in her community.

Visit Caroline Boydston ~ White Horse Studios WebsiteVisit Caroline Boydston ~ White Horse Studios Facebook Group

Jessica Hamill

Jessica is a multimedia artist with a lifelong self-taught passion for exploring and expressing herself through artistic endeavors. Her artwork often highlights her love for dogs and animals. Presently, she is a full-time artist at Stone Horses, with her studio, Lovecrest Artistry occassionally opening and accepting commissions on a limited basis for pet portraits, online character designs, and concept art. 

Emma Jezek

Hi, I'm Emma! I have two real horses (Alex and Johnny) besides the 80+ plastic ones. I was in Pony Club for 10 years, and I love to do everything from Eventing to Speed with both of my horses. ​ As of now, I mainly collect Breyers, but I'm looking to expand my herd of Artist Resins as well. I'm a huge believer in "collect what you like," but I always look for a way to do that while filling my show string at the same time. For me, anything flashy goes, but I also know there's no bad color for a good horse. ​

I am also a freelance illustrator, specializing in cartoons. In the past, I developed The Peter Stone Company's current "Design A Horse" program (Try Before You Buy!) and have designed several runs for Moonlight Madness, the entire 2022 Classic Literature Series, and more! ​

My interests also wander outside the realm of equines, so make sure you check out my personal website and Instagram for more varied artwork!

Visits Emma Jezek  ~ Paint Pony Studios Facebook GroupVisits Emma Jezek  ~ Paint Pony Studios Website 

Renee Justiss

Ellie Figment
Alias: Professor Renee Justiss
Transmission #240906

I received contact from your dimensional plane containing the Earth-sphere. You requested to know more about myself and the creations that inhabit my creation-space. I have much to share but limited time. The alignment of our planes in the Multiverse will soon collide in less than one month of your Earth’s rotational time.

In my inter-dimensional travels to the Earth-sphere, I took on an alias and built an identity as Professor Renee Justiss. I discovered it was easy to hide my extra-dimensional skills by becoming an artist. Nobody questions their eccentricities, especially if they choose to become educators for a college. In my studies and explorations, I learned many skills: classical painting, illustration, art restoration, digital design, and many other intriguing fine arts skills far too numerous to list in this transmission. I have an insatiable desire to learn many things from your ecosphere, so I traveled to many places to learn such skills, such as residing in Italy for a short time. This is where I learned about some of human history’s greatest creations, including the Italian Renaissance and pizza!

If you travel by way of portal (either the one in your refrigerator or clothes dryer), you will discover I am known as Ellie Figment in my universe. I am an apprentice to what the Earth-sphere folk might identify as a “sorcerer” or “wizard.” I spend my days herding and caring for Multiverse creatures, occasionally adopting a few unbeknownst to “The Wizard.” Some of these creatures I created myself using various media, such as Astral Dust, Nebula Liquids, Gravity Sticks, and (when supervised) Black Hole Powder.

I look forward to meeting you from across expansive void of the Multiverse during the alignment time of 7.11.24 to 7.14.24.

End Transmission.

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Carrie Keller

Horse crazy is what I am. I've been that way as long as I can remember. At the age of six was when I started riding and then showing my pony at the 4-H fair. My buckskin pony Muffins was my mount for the first couple of years in 4-H and then my Quarter horse Tommy was the horse that I finished my 10 yr. 4-H career with. I rode huntseat, western and then my last year I started dressage.

My family did a lot of horse camping and trail riding when I was growing up. Riding horses and drawing horses were the things I loved to do. Art class was always my favorite class in school. After high school I went on to earn my college degree in Graphic Design. I had also found my passion for dressage and started showing solely in that discipline.

A few years later I started working for the Peter Stone Company and I've been an airbrush artist there for over twenty years. In the past few years I have set up my own home studio to work in. I'm trying my hand at painting artist resins and custom horses in acrylics which is totally different than working with the factory paint on the plastic acetate horses. It's an exciting new challenge for me!

My husband Tim and I live in a small town in northern Indiana. We share our place with my two horses Ghost and Remi, our dogs Misha & Penny and our cat Happy.

Visit Carrie Keller Equine Art WebsiteVisit Carrie Keller Equine Art FacebookVisit Carrie Keller Equine Art Instagram
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Julie Keim

Horses have been an integral part of Julie's life from a young age. Her family owned Palomino Quarter horses, and she developed a fondness for her cousins' Appaloosa horses. She competed in Barrel Racing and other timed events with her horses at numerous shows. The Appaloosa breed holds a special place in her heart, and she has had the pleasure of owning several over the years.

Julie has also excelled as an airbrush artist at Stone Horses for more than 26 years, specializing in Appaloosas and her signature dapples. In her personal studio, she extends the passion for equine art found in her professional work at Stone to her private collection and commissions. Utilizing acrylics among other mediums, she skillfully creates unique, eye-catching, and award-winning works of art.

Sheryl Leisure 

Sheryl has collected model horses since 1969 and has been an active participant in the model horse collecting hobby for over 35 years.

Painting professionally since the age of fifteen, she has gone on to paint and design thousands of prototypes and special run models for Breyer, The Stone Co. and Hartland Horses.

She has also sculpted her own line of limited edition resin horses.

Horse models that Sheryl has painted and re-sculpted are consistent winners from local model horse competitions up to the National Level.

Hundreds of custom painted horses have come through her studio in the past decade, and she finds it a challenge to see how detailed a horse model can get! 

Visit Sheryl Leisure's ~ Leisure Art Studio WebsiteVisit Sheryl Leisure Art FacebookVisit Leisure Art Studio Instagram

Andrea Thomason

Andrea is an outstanding artist and an incredibly gifted crafter. She utilizes a variety of mediums to produce stunning creations. Her expertise spans flower arrangement, home decor crafting, customizing model horses, hand painting, and more. Moreover, she continually shares her exceptional talents with the community.