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What Happened To The Stone Horses Stone Size Loyalty Club? 

Regular Loyalty is going to be calandar year based moving forward! Running January to December will make it easier for our customers to know when the program starts and finishes each year!

Regular Stone Size Loyalty Club will resume in 2025 for the calendar year with memberships opening in December! 

More details on the year long club will be coming!!  

Why A Stone Horses Mini Loyalty Club? 

We've been listening! What we heard was that many people miss the opportunity to join a club and have access to the guaranteed pieces in the smaller scale models! The closing of the 23/24 Loyalty Club in May offered us the opportunity to offer this option while we wait to convert the traditional Loyalty Club to a calendar year!  

If well accepted, we will look at offering Mini Loyalty in 2025 as well!  

What Is Stone Horses Mini Loyalty Club? 

Stone Horses Mini Loyalty Club is a membership based program offering members an opportunity to a guaranteed purchase option for four released runs on our smaller scale models, the pebble size and the chip size. 

The fun program will run from May, 2024 to December, 2024. 

It will be limited to 75 memberships
It will be $75 to join the club. 

It will include a members only access purchase page on the website and a great selection of membership perks. 

What are the planned releases? 

Mini Loyalty Planned Releases:

Pebbles Draft & Standing Draft Chips (sold in May, ships in July/August)

Pebbles Rearing & Rearing Chips (sold in July, ships in September/October)

Pebbles Mule & Mule Chips *with customization option* (Sold in September, ships in November/December)

Pebbles Arabian & choice between Arabian Chips & Andalusian Chips (Sold in November, ships in December/January 2025)

Each release will be offered in three colorways, two realistic and one decorator.

*Releases are subject to change pending production impacts or other factors beyond our control

What Are The Mini Loyalty Club Perks? 

This year’s Mini Loyalty benefits will include:

(3) free gloss or satin matte finishes on loyalty club purchases

15% off discount on one purchase during the mini loyalty period, May-December 2024

(1) free t-shirt of your choice (merch to be launched for Equilocity), up to $45 value (picked up in person at Equilocity, or shipped with one of your loyalty club purchases)

Mini Loyalty Only drawing for one of (3) sample pieces in December 2024

Guaranteed ability to purchase a total of four pebbles or chips models in your choice of several colorways – each release, you choose if you want the pebble or the chip, and in which color – one with a customization option!

What Is The Pricing For Releases In The Mini Loyalty Club?

Pricing for releases:

Chips: $139.99 non-custom

Pebbles: $289.99 non-custom

Customized options will be priced a bit higher according to the level of customization we offer.

Mini Loyalty Club Guidelines

Loyalty models will be shipped to the address in your customer account.

All standard check-out payment options are available for loyalty club purchases.

Loyalty members must be logged in to their accounts on the Stone Horses website to have purchase access.

Listings will be available for members to purchase for 10 business days from the listing date.

While members are not required to purchase each release, it is very much appreciated!