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Stone Horses Friday Night Shopping 
Friday, July 12th from 5pm to 11pm 

Stone Horses Friday Night Shopping 

The Stone Store will showcase a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind (OOAK) pieces in different sizes, starting at 5pm until the end of the Art of the Horse Celebration Dinner. Any run models not sold during the dinner will be available for sale in the sales room afterward. No runs will be available in the store until after dinner. 

Customers are linited to buying no more than two pieces of the runs. However, Friday shopping for One of a Kind items is unlimited.

Stone Horses accepts various forms of payment, including cash, credit card, PayPal, and Laybuy. There will be a specified checkout available for those using PayPal and Laybuy.

A live video will be broadcast on social media to unveil the Art of the Horse run models and announce the winners, offering a sneak peek before the opening and shopping event begins.

Initially, run models will be sold at the dinner location following their reveal to the finalists, then to dinner attendees, and later, they will be available for purchase in the store. 

Also Happening Friday Night!   

Stone Horses Equilocity ~ Art of the Horse Celebratory Awards Dinner & Shopping 7-9:30pm Located in the Terrace Ballroom 

Stone Horses Artist Showcase 7-10pm ~ Located just outside the Stone Store In The Salon Area

Mojo Dojo Casa Horse Event - Located Across the Hall from the Stone Store & Stone Artist Showcase