Cart Timer Trial Information. 

How It Works 

How it will look on the checkout page

Cart Timer - On product Page 2.jpg__PID:a1e46e52-e229-44ce-8810-d18d05257179

When you go to the product page it will show you remaining pieces. When you add it to your cart the timer will start. You can add additional items or go to cart /checkout. The piece is reserved once in your cart for 2 minutes. You can keep track of the time on timer on top of page.  

Cart Timer - On Cart Page.jpg__PID:7da1e46e-52e2-4934-8e08-10d18d052571

In your shopping cart page the timer will continue to display. Once you are in checkout, the timer will disappear. 

If you do not checkout in 2 minutes. The bar at the top will turn yellow and announce that your cart reserve has timed out. The product will disappear from your cart and you will be directed back to the website. 

Our first trial run of this add on to the website will be Friday, May 10th, at 3pm Eastern time for the Mini Loyalty Club Membership Sign Ups! 

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