Stone Eras Blind Bag Commemorative Edition - 2024

Limit One Order Per Person

Stone Eras Blind Bag Commemorative Edition
This wonderful series celebrates the eras of Stone Horses and the transition of the leadership from Peter and Elaine's retirement to the guidance of Volo Artem team led by Erin Corbett! 

Our Run Series Pieces: 
"Stone Eras - No Fears": Dappled Black Running Stock Horse Long Mane
by Angela Marleau LE-49 
"Stone Eras - Purple": Dark Dappled Grey Running Stock Horse Short Mane
By Ashley Palmer LE-49
"Stone Eras - Legends": Dappled Grey Ideal Stock Horse Long Mane
By Ellen Robbins LE-49
"Stone Eras - 1982": Lightest Dappled Grey Ideal Stock Horse Short Mane
By Jess Hamill LE-49

All runs of 49 will include 15 random glossy pieces!! 

All models will have a special COA!!! 

Surprise Special Decorator Pieces INCLUDES $500 Store Credit!!! 
Reputation 1 - Purple/Blue/Teal/Gold Decorator Running Stock Horse Long Mane 
Reputation 2 - Purple/Blue/Teal/Gold Decorator Running Stock Horse Short Mane 
Reputation 3 - Purple/Blue/Teal/Gold Decorator Ideal Stock Horse Long Mane 
Reputation 4 - Purple/Blue/Teal/Gold Decorator Ideal Stock Horse Short Mane 
Designed and Painted by the Kristen Cermele of KNC Equine Art 
Each of these pieces will come with $500 Store Credit 

This is a surprise package order. The model will be selected at random and shipped! So the anticipation and celebration is shared when you open your package!! 

If this series sells out quickly Stone Horses will produce 49 additional horses in the above selection and one additional special run piece 
Reputation 5 -  Purple/Blue/Teal/Gold Decorator (ISH or Remy) with UNICORN Horn!  

If you do not get a piece in the general release you will be able to email for a chance to be drawn to purchase one of these extra pieces. 


Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made in the USA

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