One of a Kind Equine Artistry

Here in Shipshewana, Indiana, horses are important. For the Amish and rural populations here, a horse is a resource, a joy, and a member of the family. In fact, people come to Shipshewana for some of the most-loved equestrian events in the country.

We started sculpting horses like those to pay homage to these elegant creatures. Decades later, our sculpted horses are still authentic, hand-decorated, and created in America, from start to finish.

Every one of our horses is 100% unique. We craft our figurines to match all kinds of physical and personal quirks. They match the horses we admire, the horses you’ve loved, and all the ones we can imagine together.


We’re different than other model-makers because:

  • We use and customize over 40 unique horse molds including major breeds
  • We hand paint every dapple and detail
  • We have as much passion for these sculptures as you do
  • We’re a small family-run team based in the heart of America
  • We have been crafting our horses for decades - and we’ve loved them all
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Our Horses are Made of Legacy, Legend, and Love


Horses are bred for their lineage, but embraced for what makes them so unique. Whether your favorite horse hails from a long line of heirloom-bred favorites or you like to collect a menagerie of unique horses for your shelf, we’ve got stables of them. We’ve even made celebrity horses for equine fanatics like William Shatner, Sheryl Crow, and John Lyons.


Horses are harbingers of magic. These pure creatures are a symbol of freedom, grace, and courage. Horses and horse creatures are present in the lore and fairytales of most cultures, renowned for their patience and power in equal measure. We capture that magic.


Many people choose our horses to commemorate the horses they love and the ones they’ve lost. Horse ownership is a labor of love, and even those who have never owned a horse know the love and empathy that these sweet creatures radiate. Our artists draw love out of every flick of the ear and every glint in the eye.

Our horses come in three core sizes:


Between 2 and 3 inches, nose to tail


Between 4 and 6 inches, nose to tail


Between 7 and 11 inches, nose to tail

The design-a-horse process is simple:

Step 1:

Choose your body style

You’ll be able to browse all of our available body styles. We have everything from Draft breeds to Light breeds.

Step 2:

Customize your Horse

You choose the color, dapples, socks, and facial markings for your horse, down to the specifics.

Step 3:

Complete your Order

Once you finalize your customizations, it’s easy to complete your purchase and wait for your perfect horse to arrive.