ELEGANTE PLATA N (SLEEK N SILVER)-OOAK PEARLESCENT GREY W/ BLACK POINTS PURA RAZA ESPANOLA http://www.equitrekking.com/articles/entry/pura_raza_espanola/ W/ BRANDED HIP 08/24/17

  • OOAK

  • Pura Raza Espanola

  • Link to Breed Standard http://www.equitrekking.com/articles/tag/Pure+Spanish+Horse+Breed

  • Pearlescent Grey

  • Black Points

  • Custom Frosted Mane

  • Carved Bridle Path

  • Carved Ears, Nose, Jaw

  • Custom Forelock

  • Carved Nose Wrinkles

  • Shaded Muzzle

  • Hoof Shading

  • Branded Hip

  • Custom Frosted Tail

  • Hand Painted & Crafted in Shipshewana, IN

This product is retired and no longer available for purchase. The photos shown are for references purposes only.

Handmade Work of Art

Proudly Made Made in the USA

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