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Designing Your Horse:

* Please select your custom horse body and all related option using drop down fields at page right.

* To view any particular custom option, simply use the "Click to View" to help you select your chosen features.

* When you have completed your selections, click on "Add to Cart", and build another custom Design-a-Horse.

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*Custom Handcrafted and Hand Painted Horses:

Each and every custom made Design-a-Horse ("DAH") purchase is finished by hand with artistically applied colorants and glazes that are applied on an individual basis in a handcrafted manner. Colorants and glazes are applied by craftsmen, artisans and artists upon cast resin bodies having irregular surfaces particular to each body type, and as such, variations in surface grain or texture, colors, tone, feel and weight are inherent with completing every custom model horse created.

While we can accept additional customization requests following the acceptance of your order at checkout, please note that subsequent change order requests will incur additional charges that will vary depending on the complexity of additional customizations you might request.

Further noting the custom, handmade nature of custom Design-a-Horse creations, variations described above will occur, and as such, we will thus not be able to accept requests for any refunds, credits, changes, subsequent refinishing requests or claims without appropriate charge, as all DAH sales are final. We therefore reserve the right to remedy any other issues with replacement or in-store credit, in our sole discretion.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to visit our FAQ or Help pages for details.

Thank you for visiting, and as always, for your continuing patronage.

Select Your Options, Add to Cart and Checkout!

Classic Appaloosa
Strawberry Roan
Seal Bay
Bay Roan
Red Roan
Blue Roan
Palomino Roan
Chocolate Roan

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