* DAH PM130 Palouse Mare - Customer's Product with price 162.99

Horse Builder - Body DAH PM130 Palouse mare [PM130] x1
Horse Builder - Color Seal Bay
Horse Builder - Finish Matte
Horse Builder - Eyes Brown
Horse Builder - Face Markings 2020 Stripe (4)
Horse Builder - Leg Markings Left Front Leg Medium Sock + (5)
Horse Builder - Striped Hoof Left Front Leg Striped Hoof + $4.00 (4)
configId nU5QKlNzxl_yX9s8Y-AQo3Pn
productUrl https://stonehorses.com/collections/design-a-horse/products/dah-stock-chip-dac008-40
weight 1.5
_image https://cdn.thecustomproductbuilder.com/27348664380/orders/stonehorses-6547949453372-YNRKf5is_kYE0wIaQEyZr_6D.png

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