Stone Horses Online Model Horse Show


Fall Into Autumn Online Model Horse Show will be hosted on Facebook! This format offers a simplistic layout that makes it welcoming to novice and experienced photoshowers alike. While hosted by The Peter Stone Horse Company, as a celebration of the hobby, this show is open to Breyer, Stones, Artists Resins, and Customs, please see the classlist. 


Important Show Dates

Sept. 4th - Show open. Show entry fee will be available for purchase on the website. Show participants will be allowed into the Facebook show page to load photos to the albums, and to share in show discussion boards.

Sept. 18th - Show closes. Last day for entering photos to the albums and reviewing entries.

Sept. 19-24th - Show Judging period.

Sept 25th - Show Winners are announced

Sept 25th-30th - Emailing/Mailing of show ribbons and prizes to participants.

How To Enter

 The Fall Into Autmn Online Model Horse Show will be hosted on the company Facebook social media page's private group for this show. Once you have purchased your entry from the website, you may go to the group link in the listing to join. Then upload your images/info to the album(s) by Sept. 18, 2023 11:59 pm Eastern time. 

Who Can Enter?

All you need is a model horse that fits into one of the show classes. That simple for anyone to enter! You do not have to own a stone horse, have a membership, or have experience with photo or live showing. Open to all, entry relies only on paying your entry fee, and following the rules for uploading your photos and information in the timeline slotted. 

Enterants must own the horse they are entering. If they are minors they must have a parent permission slip on file with the show hosts The Peter Stone Horse Company. 

Judges may enter in the classes they are not judging. 

Stone Horses has many hobby members and collectors on staff of The Peter Stone Horse Company. They are allowed to enter this show, as with our live shows,. 


Photo Requirements

Entry Limits 

  • Only one photo per model per class is allowed (see performance exception below) 
  • Each shower may enter up to 75 photos for the entire show. 
  • Every model may only show in one breed and one collectibility class. 
  • Entries per class, per enterant are unlimited. 
  • There are no limits on the number of performance classes a horse may enter. 

Image File Requirements

  • Photos should be shot with the clearest possible view of your model. 
  • You must own the model and take the photograph. 
  • You must present the photo that is true to the model, no mirrored images allowed. 
  • You are allowed to watermark or put ownership id on a photo. Please be sure it doesn't impact the judges view of your model
  • Photos may not be photoshopped or edited to improve the quality of the model. Please do not use digital backdrops or filters. 

Photo Tips

  • Judges will be looking at the horse. Be sure to not get to overly concerned about the background. The important aspect is to have a clear picture of your model. A solid background is a great choice. 
  • Best to use a background with a little contrast and to avoid white horses with white backgrounds, or black horses with black backgrounds. 
  • Try to get a picture in line with the side of your model, at eye level, so the judge has a clear look at the model. 
  • Your entire horse must be visible. So it is best to use a flat surface. Setting it in the grass may hide the hooves for example. So be sure it is flat surface with a picture that shows the whole horse. The exception to this is in performance. In performance props may block small portions of your horse. 
  • It is best to have your model take up most of the photo. You can crop it and adjust the brightness/contrast but you can not use digital enhancements or corrections/ touch ups on your model. 
  • Be sure you have not mirrored the image. Mirrored images are not allowed. 
  • Be sure your models are clean. Dust and lint show up in photos. They are not allowed to be edited out, so please retake the photo if that happens. 
  • If a model does not stand well it can be propped. If you would show it laying down in a live show you can prop it for photo showing. Or you can lay it down and photograph from above. 
  • Do not add watermarks, date, logos, names, etc. to photographs that will interfere with the judges view of your model. 
  • Photos may not be photoshopped or edited to improve the quality of the model. Please do not use digital backdrops or filters. 


This show will be judged by experienced judges/collectors. Please do not contact judges directly. Please use the Facebook public forum show page for questions to the community or judges as appropriate.  Reviewing the judging criteria is a great way to see if your model is a fit if you are new! 

Breed Classes are judged on model condition, color, conformation, and anatomy. 

Customs, Resins, Decorator, Fantasy divisions are judged on workmanship 

Collectibility will be judged on condition, desirability, age, and rarity. 

Performance will be judged on the choice of model for the event, placement of tack and fit, and if horse is safely completing the task displayed. 

Judges are able to split classes that exceed 100 enteries into divisions of their choosing, Examples of splits are split by solid/patterned; split by gender; splits by colors, or more. The split is at the discretion of the judge. They are not required to split but may choose to do so. Please be respectful of the judges decisions. 


OF BREYER - Stephanie McIntyre
OF STONE - Steffani Bodamer
CUSTOM - Tiffany Ruso
ARTIST RESIN - Brenda Metcalf
STONE MINI - Marilou Mol 
BREYER MINI - Greg Stebnitz
PERFORMANCE - Jenna Murphy


Flat ribbons will be mailed to the entrants winning places 1st thru 3rd place. 

Champions and Reserves will win Rosettes and Stone Horses gift cards in the amounts of $15 & $10 each.

Overall and Reserve will also be awarded Rosettes and $35 & $20 Stone Horses Gift Cards. 

Gift cards are emailed to winners. If multiple gift cards are won, they will be combined for ease of use at checkout for the recipeint. Our website tracks balances if they remain after purchase. If you are at a live event we are able to look up the balance with your email/name. 


The Legal Stuff 

Contact and shipping information collected will be used for the purpose of the Fall Into Autumn Online Model Horse Show only and will not be used for email marketing or other purposes.

By participating, entrants (and their parent and or legal guardian on their behalf if a minor) release The Peter Stone Horse Company. from any and all liability in relation to the show and specifically grant The Peter Stone Horse Company, in perpetuity, a non-exclusive license to publish, display, reproduce, modify, edit or use their entry for commercial and editorial use including advertising and/or promoting Stone Horses products or services without compensation or obligation to credit entrant.

 The Fall Into Autumn Online Model Horse Show is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.

This is void where prohibited or restricted by law.