Precious Stone Loyalty Program 2023/24



When does the Loyalty Program open?

Our Loyalty Program typically opens up around Stone Horse Country Fair in the beginning of May. Memberships are limited and will be first come, first serve.

How does the Loyalty Program work?

Membership will have a flat rate of $150.

Membership is LIMITED to 150 members, so make sure to purchase yours ASAP!

Once purchased throughout the 23/24-year period of the program there will be 5 traditional horse model releases that the members will purchase. They will also receive various membership perks! 

Members will be required to log in to the Stone Horses website. They will purchase off of a Loyalty Club Only reserved access page. 

Checkout is through the standard checkout system and it will offer all of the wide variety of standard payment options on each purchase that Stone Horses offers. 

How many horses will be offered?

This year, we are offering five (5) Traditional-sized horses 

One of the great perks of being a Loyalty Club member is that you are GUARANTEED these five models! No need to scramble to purchase right away, members have two weeks to purchase their allotted horse.

Release Months for 2023/24
May (Delivers In August)
August (Delivers In November)
November (Delivers In January)
January (Delivers In March)
March (Delivers In May) 

**Please note that members will be required to purchase 

The 23/24 Loyalty Season models will be (in no particular order)

Arabian Stallion
Heavy Draft 
Irish Cob
and the Mule 

When Stone Horses releases a new mold during a Loyalty Season it will substitute it in place of one of these mold offerings, allowing Loyalty Club Members the first run of the new mold. 

What else do we receive as members?

These Great Perks!

  • Precious Stone T-Shirt featuring Mossy Jade ($25 value)
  • Mossy Jade Loyalty Club Membership Sticker ($6 value)
  • Mossy Jade Loyalty Club Canvas Shopping Tote ($25 value)
  • 10% off on one purchase in your birthday month ($40+ value)
  • 10% off other Stone products (shirts, mugs, totes, etc.) ($25+ value)
  • (2) FREE glosses/satin mattes to be used on LOYALTY MODELS ONLY ($50 value)
  • Opportunity to win a T-Shirt Giveaway OOAK model during Equilocity (10 Opportunities a value of $400+ each)
  • Early entry at live events and online events (priceless)

What kind of horses will be offered?

We do our best to listen to our customer's wants and feedback. The models created for the Loyalty Club are selected to be on our bestselling molds and offer a color selection with each purchase and will not be priced above $389.99.

What are the other Terms & Conditions?

Membership discounts cannot be applied to prior purchases and cannot be combined with any other offers (including Best Offers & Visiting Artist models.)

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice.

Errors will be corrected where and when discovered.

Stone Horses reserves the right to revoke any stated offer or price, including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed and your payment processed.

Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law.

Please note, Stone Horses reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time and refund the applicable pro-rated deposit or membership account.

Members must purchase every model offered. Failure to do so may terminate membership. Please contact us if you will have trouble at any point completing your membership purchase so we can work with you. 

Memberships will be limited.


Cheers to a great year in 2023-24!

Mossy Jade Irish Cobb Precious Stone Release