Portrait Horse Request

Send photos of your favorite horse, and you can have your very own, hand crafted model horse that closely resembles your horse. Once your images are received, you'll receive a custom quote for your approval. After receiving your approval together with a security deposit, your "Portrait Horse" will be hand crafted and finished in lifelike detail by highly skilled artisan painters using high quality paint and long lasting protective matte or gloss finish. The result? A truly one of a kind sculpted heirloom that will last a lifetime and beyond.

To learn more, all you have to do is to attach the photo images of your horse that are stored on your computer. You can upload* your images by clicking the "Browse" button below, and if you want to add more than one image of your horse, just click "Add Another" button. Your custom quote will be provided at no charge. It's easy and fun!

For any special requests, just fill in the form area below, and we will be in touch with you with order details within 5 business days. Please be sure to use an image size of 256 x 256px and larger to insure that we receive the best quality images of your horse that are possible. We look forward to receiving photos of your horse and sending you your free custom quote! Be sure you are sending clear photos without tack.