Moonlight MADNESS

Sunday, October 31st, 2021 @ 8:00pm EDT --

About the Event

Event Models 

This ghoulish cast of characters will be our Featured Runs for Moonlight Madness.
Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram-- if you've been paying close attention, we guarantee you've already met a few of them. 

Run information (name, price, run size, etc,) will be updated here as horses are revealed.

Crime Scene

It's not a crime if you don't get caught, right? 

That's what CRIME SCENE keeps telling us, and even though we find his bloody hoofprints all over the factory, he never leaves any evidence of what he's done. 

That said, an awful lot of sample models have mysteriously disappeared lately...

...and there is this strange dug-up patch in the front flower bed...

Non-CM Arabian Stallion
"Bloody Shoulder" Fleabitten Gray
Run of 30 -- $289.99

Mini Me (Arabian Chip)
Run of 15 -- $129.99


He bucked for all he was worth, the mighty black horse. No man could ride him; no man could tame him. But it was his last rodeo, and he knew it. The leg he'd shattered would force them to do it, and his hulking, proud form would be forever stilled. He closed his eyes, letting the final sleep take him...

With a start, he opened his eyes, finding himself knee-deep in a murky pool, swirling with shifting colors. In a moment of panic, he made to run, only to slip further down the slope, for a moment losing sight of even his rump in the shining liquid. Slowly, carefully, he worked his way out of the pit, and as the fluid sheeted off his body, he realized the pool had changed him, its splash mark forever scarred into his once-dark hide... as well as given him a newfound thirst for blood.

Calling himself LAZARUS, he now roams the darkness, untamed, in search of his next meal.

Non-CM Long Mane Remington
Black Splash Pinto
(includes blacklight)
Run of 30 -- $389.99

Mini Me (Rearing Pebble)
Run of 15 -- $189.99

Del Toro

The screen fades to black, then flashes come: red scales, purple hide, white teeth, black fur, a pearly horn. The montage reveals pieces, but pieces only, for only so much can be captured, even on the silver screen.

Two immortals, locked in a blood feud.

The battle is waged with weapons of claw and horn. A wide angle reveals that the claws belong to a dark red dragon, his yellow eyes hungry for vengeance. The horn adorns the shining forehead of a dark stallion, and his long, silver-streaked mane swings away to uncloak eyes of deep, livid crimson.

Only one can rise victorious...

It is only the preview, but what savagery! What beauty! What horror! The last scene leaves us breathless: the dark unicorn, steam billowing off his sides, stands majestically atop a hill, beneath the bold, gothic title...


FCM Andalusian
Long Mane & Tail, Cloven Hooves
Dark Dappled Purple-Black
Run of 13 -- $549.99

Mini Me (Andalusian Chip)
Dapples, Horn, & Cloven Hooves
Run of 15 -- $189.99


An eldritch wail echoes through the forest as clouds drift lazily over the full moon. You knew taking the shortcut was a bad idea, but it's too late to turn back now. In the dappled moonlight, the raking fingers of tree branches form an arc over your head, and-- wait-- what was that?

A flash of white just disappeared into the gates of... the old cemetery. You have to pass through those gates, there's no other way. Hesitant, you walk on.

The trees seem to whisper in the wind, but they are soon drowned out by that same eerie scream. As you look, a ghostly form moves among the ancient headstones, and the whispers become louder, more insistent. The mare in the graveyard looks harmless enough, a sleepy old drafter of years gone by. Then a cloud covers the moon again, and you watch in horror as the kindly old plow horse opens her mouth wide, her grimy grey hide glowing a putrid green as she throws her head back and screams at the sky.

Ears pinned and teeth bared, she charges, and the last sane thought in your head is that you can finally make a word out of those whispers... BANSHEE.

Windswept Heavy Draft Mare
Dapple Gray
(includes blacklight)
Run of 30 -- $389.99

Mini Me (Draft Pebble)
Run of 15 -- $189.99


We were working in the studio late one night... when we decided to get a little crazy and sew a few ponies together to see what would happen!

Amidst the bubbling beakers and the swirling haze of airbrush mist, we saw our creation begin to move. With a groan of effort, the tiny horse pushed himself to his feet... and immediately slipped on the drops of thinner we'd carelessly left in the paint booth. He spent a long moment looking around and getting his bearings, then stood again-- wobbly, but stable.

Then little Frankie blinked up at us with those adoring eyes, and we knew our experiment was a complete success.

FCM Ideal Stock Horse
Green-Purple Primitive Dun
w/leg bars & stitching
Run of 30 -- $289.99

Mini Me (Rearing Chip)
Pre-Order -- $129.99 
Available for pre-order through October 31st !!


Let me introduce you to Boo-- but I'll have to whisper. This poor fella gets a little scared if you even say his name too loudly.

He's afraid of everything: plastic bags, big rocks, the moon, the wind, loud noises... and all of our other Moonlight Madness horses! We've had to keep him at the front desk, tucked away, because he just shakes like a leaf whenever the others look his way. (Not that we blame him!)

He promises to try and overcome his fear of airmail, but you'll have to be patient with him when he arrives because he may want to hide in his box for a little while.

Non-CM Irish Draught
Dark Blue Roan Tobiano
w/cat tracking, ermine spots, & hoof stripes
Run of 30 -- $389.99

Witching Hour

With a supremely confident stride, a soot-marked mare enters the moonlit clearing, curved ears alert as she surveys the gathering. Her coat is evidence of spells tried and failed, but her attitude speaks volumes about just how many have succeeded.

The other witches take a step back, giving deference to the mare and her night-black familiar.

Do you feel the hum of magic in the air, the aura of strange power that she exudes? The others do. Among the coven, Witching Hour is the queen.

FCM Arabian Mare
CM Mane, Tail, & Marwari ears
Black Maximum Sabino 
(includes cat)
Run of 30 -- $389.99

Matching Foal!
(includes cat)
Run of 15 -- $129.99