Equilocity 2021 Special Runs

Event Model


based on artwork by Emma Jezek

EQ Event Pre-Order
Dapple sooty palomino Stock Horse with chrome
Painted by Audrey Dixon



Loyalty Club

Sunset by Milena Kuhn

based on artwork by Milena Kuhn

Loyalty Exclusive Pre-Order
(Not available to order until WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25th.)
Bay dun Pebbles Draft "Fjord"
Painted by Audrey Dixon


Ruby (pair)

Ruby (traditional)

Ruby (pebble)


Loyalty Exclusive Pre-Order
Precious Stone Stock Horse and Pebbles WB



Art of the Horse Finalists

Big Blue by Gemma Schena

"Big Blue"
based on the poem by Gemma Schena

Run of ??
Black tobiano Irish Draught with custom blue ribbons
Painted by Julie Keim


"Major League"
AKA "Catcher"
based on the short film by Trinity Honaker

Run of ??
Fleabitten Gray Andalusian with Pony Mane and Tail
Painted by Ellen Robbins



based on the short film by Ellie Figment
(Renee Justiss)

Run of ??
Paint Splatter Deco Heavy Draft Mare
Painted by Julie Keim


based on the poem by Stefanie Simoni

Run of ??
Dapple Chestnut Windswept Palouse
Painted by Julie Keim


Daily Releases

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