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Event Models 

Mistletoe Kisses

It wouldn't be Christmas without Mistletoe! 
Silvery Dapple Grey and packed full of cuteness Mistletoe Kisses is sure to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart!

CM Bunny 
Run of 30 -- TBA


Christmas isn't Christmas without Tinsel!
If you want to stand out in the show ring this guy is for you!

Custom  Frame Bay Overo Andalusian 
Run of 30-TBA

Santa's Helper

Santa sure has alot of work to do this time of year and Santa's Helper likes to lend a hand where he can! 

CM Ideal Stock Horse 
Custom Mane, Forelock and Tail 
Loud Appaloosa with all the bells and Whistles to get the job done!
Run of 30 -- TBA

ah Fruitcake....

Ah, Fruitcake! “Ambrosia of the gods!” … “A special Christmas treat!” Is this your reaction? Or is it more like, “Oh dear, are there any sugar cookies.” or “I’ll pass, thank you.” No one is ambivalent about fruitcake, that fruit and nut laden, dark, heavy, alcoholic, and sugary confection that appears around Christmas, maybe a gift from your employer, or a neighbor down the street, but we can bet you will love our version of Fruitcake!

CM Mule 
Loud Bay Appaloosa
Slightly Twitched Ear and 3 Bell Tail
Run of 30 -- TBA

Hot Cider & cinnamon Twist

A staple during the holidays!
Whether you like your Hot Cider with or without a twist we can gaurantee you will like this festive spicy pair! 

CM Arabian Mare 
Custom Mane, Forelock and Tail 
CM Arabian Foal
Custom Mane & Upturned Tail 
Run of 15 -- TBA
Run of 15-TBA

Figgy Puddin

If you are lucky enough to snag this adorable guy be sure to make a wish!

Pale Buckskin
Run of 30 --TBA