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Brogan-Chestnut Appaloosa Running Quarter Horse By Sheryl Leisure #1

Cedric-Dapple Bay Morgan By Sheryl Leisure #2

Everett-Chestnut Sabino Pony By Sheryl Leisure #3

Dominic-Black Sabino Tennessee Walker By Sheryl Leisure #4

Simeon-Bay Sabino Tennessee Walker  By Sheryl Leisure #5

Isadora-Dapple Grey Arabian Mare By Sheryl Leisure #6

Theseus-Dapple Buckskin Andalusian Painted By Sheryl Leisure #7

Lilliana-Dapple Black Heavy Draft Mare By Sheryl Leisure #8

Batholmew-Black Sabino Pony By Sheryl Leisure #9

Malcom-Dapple Black Tennessee Walker By Sheryl Leisure #10

Masterpiece-OOAK Dapple Grey Trotting Draft By Audrey Dixon #11 

Cassat-OOAK Etched Chestnut Paint Heavy Draft Mare By Julie Keim # 12