Art of the Horse Contest 2021

Welcome to Equilocity, Art of the Horse: Volume II!

Art of the Horse 2021 Artwork

We are so excited to once again be offering an art contest to go along with our event, though this time... we are shaking things up a bit!

There are three (3) categories for this year's contest:

** Drawing / Painting **
** Film **
** Literature **

Three (3) finalists will be chosen from each category, making for a total of nine (9) beautiful Peter Stone model horses!
This contest is FREE to enter, and you may enter ONCE PER CATEGORY.

Entries are due by April 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm !!

Links to rules documents and entry forms are below--

** Drawing / Painting Rules **
** Drawing / Painting Entry Form **

** Short Film Rules **
** Short Film Entry Form **

 ** Literature Rules **
** Literature Entry Form **



I do not see a PDF entry form. How do we enter?

This year, in order for us to be well-organized and make things easier on everyone involved, entries will be submitted through Google Forms. You do not need a Google account/Gmail to enter. You may only fill out the form ONCE, so make sure your entry is accurate when you submit!!

Is there a Professional/Amateur division?

Not this time! Why?
We at Stone Horses are not formal art critics, therefore we found it a bit unfair to try and judge anyone's artwork on formal principles. We are more interested in your CONCEPT (the design of your horse, the ideas behind your work) and how well we can translate it onto a three-dimensional figure.

What age do I need to be to enter?

Entrants will need to be 14 or older! If you are under 18, please get permission from a parent or guardian.

Are there prizes this year?

Of course!! They are as follows:

  • 1st place - $1000 cash !!
  • 2nd place - $500 Stone Bucks
  • 3rd place - $250 Stone Bucks

If your entry is a finalist, used as a basket horse, etc... you will receive $50 in Stone Bucks.

Are there different rules per category?

Yes! And there are three separate pages of guidelines that will be uploaded to help you prepare your entry. These can be found linked above.

Can I enter a piece I have already made?

You bet! If you have something you drew/painted/wrote years ago, that is perfectly fine. (However, if you entered it in our 2020 contest, please do not enter that same piece again.)

The only exception is for the FILM category. We request that you make a video explicitly for this contest as we have certain prompts we would like you to follow.

But film and literature aren't art !!1! I thought we had to draw--

Film and literature are very much art! We wanted to expand our horizons for Art of the Horse into forms of artwork other than strictly drawing and painting. Not only does this allow us to share with you some very cool creators, but we have now made this contest much more inclusive!

We hope that by offering a short film and prose/poem category that we open up this contest to a whole new group of people who maybe aren't all that comfortable with drawing or painting.

What mediums can we work with for drawing/painting?

Any and all! (And, yes, this absolutely includes digital painting and illustration.) We have seen some truly amazing pieces in all mediums!

How will voting work this year?

Similar to last year, we at Stone Horses will choose the nine (9) finalists, three (3) from each category to create models from.

Once the models are revealed, we will have two voting "heats"-- one to determine the top horse in each category and one to determine the overall winner.

Voting will not be handled via Facebook this year, so stay tuned!

The finalists will all be on Traditional bodies, with three (3) having heavy customization and the remaining six (6) having low to moderate customization. We hope that by doing this that we are able to have something that will fit everyone's budget.

If I am a finalist, will I get the sample piece of the run based on my work?

As a finalist, you will be offered to purchase the sample/first piece of the edition. You are not obligated to purchase this piece.


We cannot wait to see what you create!

Art of the Horse Contest Image