Model Horse Shows by Stone Horses

A model horse show closely resembles a live horse show designed for model horse collectors to participate in events that are very much similar to that of a real horse show. Each model horse is placed within a show ring (a specified table top) with a note for each model having the name of the horse breed the model represents or the event the model horse is protrayed in doing. Model horses are usually displayed in either of the two following formats:

Shown in Halter Class - Standing Alone

Performance Class - Shown in Tack, with Dioramas Depicting the Model Horse as Engaged in Activities

All of Stone Horses model horse shows are social events, with the opportunity meet new friends, show off private collections of all types of model horses, judged competitions with other collectors, and yhe buying, selling, and trading custom model horses, limited edition horse figurines, open edition model horses or other items such as horse tack. Stone Horses model horse shows are a great source of information about individual breeds or special issues of model horses, as well as the model horse collecting world in general.

Model Horse Shows - The Big Picture

Of course what is really being judged at model horse shows is the knowledge of horses and everything that goes with them. Many model horse enthusiasts have or have had live horses and have shown them at some point in their lives. They bring their love of horses and knowledge of all things horse with them to the model horse events, and the most successful showers are constantly learning new information about horses in general.

Stone Horse Shows bring the ultimate model horse experience to a local region near you! Stone Horse Shows accepts all brands and types of model horses - plastic and resin. They are not Stone horses models only shows.

All the shows will be applying for NAN-qualifying status. NAN tickets will be awarded to first and second place winners in Halter and Performance in the Open division only. Division Champions and Reserve Champions receive Rosettes. Overall Division Champion and Reserve Champion receive trophy models.

Model Horse Show Judging

Judging model horses for Halter classes is based on the breed requirements for that type of horse. Performance is judged based on the correctness of the tack, and accuracy of the diorama.

Model Horse Show Competition Awards

Winning horses usually receive ribbons, rosettes, trophies, and even an invitation to show the model horse at the North American Nationals (NAN), the national finals held annually.

What is NAMHSA, or NAN?

The North American Model Horse Showers Association (NAMHSA) is an organization of model horse enthusiasts from across the United States and Canada who annually hold the North American Nationals (NAN) for model horses.

This non-profit organization determines how, where, and when the national show will be held and administrates the event. Model horses are invited to show at the national level through participating member model shows. Each model winning a first or second place is given a special card which can be filled out and submitted for entry at the NAN show. More information on NAN and NAMHSA is available at